SMART NETWORK by Phoenix Communications Group

It's a system that provides dynamic and intelligent transport of phone calls. It is capable of automatically route inbound and outbound calls taking into account all the parameters needed by your business now and in the future, no matter how high is the traffic volume, or where those calls originate or terminate.

Improve Business Performance With:
• Real Time Monitoring
• Call Recording
• Call Trascription
• Speech Recognition
• Advanced Reporting & Analytics
• Automatic Fail-over
• Smart Call Routing
• Multi-level IVRs

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Resulting out of years of experience offering telecommunications services to businesses and after closely listening to their needs, PCG developed the SmartNetwork system, as a dynamic and intelligent solution to the high call volumes, preserving client security while maintaining a fast and effective communication. Our systems' flexibility allows for the implementation of intelligent administration of these communications at all levels of a corporate hierarchy.

The PCG systems and the SmartNetwork platform promptly adjust to design changes as required by the communication needs of your business. SmartNetwork is capable of dynamically transporting each inbound or outbound call regardless of call volume and origination to its proper termination depending on the design parameters as requested by our client in the original design or as changed by client as needed. Your calls would be received and routed to your required termination.


When an inbound call is received throught the origination number (access number) in our system, its termination will be intelligently determined, depending of the origination number, the time of the call, the number of the caller, the selected options in the menu, referencing the statistical data recollected by the system during time of operation or a combination of parameters. SmartNetwork includes a call recording service that allows you to record all calls or those selected by you.

The system will be able to notify inmediately and automatically any event that you will like to keep track of that is part of the statistics or the communication process. These notifications can be implemented and can be received in any technological notification format as specified in the service agreement.


In addition, SmartNetwork provides a multilingual web interface where the user can obtain all kinds of statistical communication reports as well as the tools needed to personalize your services. The graphics and statistical reports would be done in real time, including filtering of options, originations, terminations, schedules, time intervals, service areas as well as other criteria needed by you. We also provide monitoring interfaces to listen to calls in real time, as well as pre-recorded calls.

SmartNetwork interface was designed to guarantee secured access as well as levels of permission to access the different configurations. You and your administrators will be able to create domains, groups and users as well as system's instructions to grant or deny access to system information, reports, and graphics. This will ensure that the information is sectioned and only the needed information and reports would be available for each particular user. This level of security is paramount because some user or administrator could be given access to change or modify call flow, call handling, service parameters, call recording, service or operating times, or any other customized parameter needed for your particular business.


This interaction between the SmartNetwork System and the SmartNetwork interface, will allow you to make efficient use of your communications while shortening the distance between you and your clients in a secure and dynamic manner in addition to the wealth of information that SmartNetwork will provide you. This information will allow you to identify patterns or tendencies in the behavior of your clientele and will inform you how their behavior relates to your services and products as well as how your customer service is functioning.

A more profound understanding of your call traffic and volume will allow you to determine if you need grow your capacity to respond to the calls or if you are spending funds inefficiently in the use of your call centers or other customer service operations. You will also be able to measure the efficiency of your sales force answering calls and the customer experience. In the particular case of "in house" or "outsourced" call centers used by your business, you will have unprecedented third party auditing control over the quality of services you are receiving from your call centers. This feature alone will give you the confidence to know the quality of service your customers are receiving.

SmartNetwork will free more of your time spent in manually or less efficient ways of compiling information so that you can spend more time in other more important areas of your business, like decision making and created effective market responses.

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